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Think Green - Repair it! Don’t replace it!

Did you know that in most cases the cost of repairing an appliance is considerably less than purchasing a new one? When repairs are made, recycling the broken part is a lot less expensive than recycling the whole unit. So thinking green benefits the environment and your wallet. 

Thinking green is a way of life, a choice that a person makes to live in a way that is environmentally friendly. The truth is most of the appliances we have in our homes are perfectly usable for many years to come. They may occasionally require a bit of servicing, but on the whole there’s no need to throw them out for a newer shiny model. Unfortunately, in today’s world people are encouraged to dispose of their appliances to make room for more new machines. This isn’t just wasteful spending; it is also a hazard to the environment and the Earth. If something works, there’s no need to dispose of it just because a new model becomes available. 

Thinking green is a way to live not just for oneself, but also for the planet. The next time you’re considering whether to throw out an appliance, we suggest contacting
A & G Appliance Service Inc to see if it can be repaired. You may just be surprised! 

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